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We provide a professional spray tanning service in London. We can visit you at your home or workplace at a time to suit you.  No more waiting in traffic, travel expenses or parking fees!  No need to make your way to a salon, with us the salon comes to you!


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Areas Covered

Mobile Spray Tanning Ealing, Mobile Spray Tanning Chiswick, Mobile Spray Tanning Hammersmith, Mobile Spray Tanning  Brentford,

Mobile Spray Tanning Richmond, Mobile Spray Tanning  Twickenham, Mobile Spray Tanning Kew, Mobile Spray Tanning Isleworth, Mobile Spray Tanning Putney, Mobile Spray Tanning Fulham, Mobile Spray Tanning Chelsea, Mobile Spray Tanning Knightsbridge, Mobile Spray Tanning Kings Road, Mobile Spray Tanning Kensington, Mobile Spray Tanning Notting Hill, Mobile Spray Tanning Holland Park,

Mobile Spray Tanning Shepherds Bush,  Mobile Spray Tanning Vauxhall, Mobile Spray Tanning Clapham, Mobile Spray Tanning Battersea, Mobile Spray Tanning Balham, Mobile Spray Tanning Central London, Mobile Spray Tanning Earlsfield, Mobile Spray Tanning Wandsworth

* DO exfoliate ideally 24 hours before your spray tan

Make sure you pay special attention to elbows, knees, heels and hands! Dry and rough skin will absorb the tan much more – yet fade quicker and patchy


* DO shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan (only applies if you shave)


* DO wax at least 48 hours before your spray tan (only applies if you wax)


* DO wear either black underwear/bikini or use the disposable underwear whilst we are spray tanning you. Whilst the tan washes out it might stain certain fabrics such as white nylon


* DO NOT moisturise on the same day as your spray tan this will act like a barrier and will prevent the spray tan being absorbed into the skin


*  DO NOT shower directly before your spray tan .Many shower gels can influence the PH level of your skin. Slightly acidic (sweaty) skin, tans best so if you need a shower simply rinse and avoid shampoos and shower gels altogether.


* DO NOT wear any perfume or deodorant on the day of your spray tan.This can have an effect on your PH level and the tan might turn out patchy


* DO NOT wear make up or jewellery before having your tan.








* DO wear loose clothing for the rest of the day - This is to avoid rubbing which could result in an uneven tan and also avoid socks for the first few hours.


* DO moisturise regularly - As this will help prolong your tan.  


* DO exfoliate only rough areas like knees, heels and elbows regularly to allow  your tan to fade evenly.


* DO wear only flip flops or sandals if you MUST go out.


* DO NOT shower for at least 8 -12 hours (ideally it is best if you can leave the tan on over night without showering or washing it off( During this time the tan will absorb into your skin and start to develop.


* DO NOT exercise or sweat excessively - as this could have an influence on the development of your tan.


* DO NOT come into contact with leather.

Leather is skin and will tan just like your tan so be careful with           leather seats in cars, couches etc and use towels to protect them.


* DO NOT take long baths as this will result in your tan fading quicker.


*DO NOT rub your skin with a towel after a shower. Make sure you pat your skin dry instead.


*DO NOT exfoliate the whole body after your spray tan as this removes the tan


* DO NOT touch your skin immediately after your tan has been applied!  This will cause the palms of your hands to discolour and will remove the tan from your body!


* DO NOT go swimming, the chlorine will strip your tan.